1 a maize-field (plantación). (Mexico)
2 cornfield, maize field, corn field, maizefield.
3 banana plantation.
* * *
SF CAm, Méx (=plantación) maize field, cornfield (EEUU); (=planta) maize, corn (EEUU)
* * *
femenino (AmC, Méx) (campo) field (used mainly for the cultivation of maize); (cultivo) crop
* * *
femenino (AmC, Méx) (campo) field (used mainly for the cultivation of maize); (cultivo) crop
* * *
(AmC, Méx)
1 (campo) field (used mainly for the cultivation of maize), milpa
2 (cultivo) crop, milpa
* * *

milpa sustantivo femenino (AmC, Méx) (campo) field (used mainly for the cultivation of maize);
(cultivo) crop
* * *
milpa nf
CAm, Méx cornfield
* * *
f Méx, C.Am.
1 corn, Br
2 terreno cornfield, Br
field of maize
* * *
milpa nf, CA, Mex : cornfield

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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